How to buy on the website



  Make a purchase through our website is quick and easy.

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First, you have found the desired item, just need to click on the basket icon next to the product, or Add to shopping basket.


The product will be added to your shopping basket. You can continue browsing through our website or add more items. Anytime you can review your shopping basket  or make your order.



Click on Buy, located on the right of the site to begin processing your request. Remember that all data provided during the purchase process will be protected, ensuring privacy.

 The buying process consists of three steps:

 01. Shopping basket:

Select the quantity and form of delivery and payment (see shipping rates here .) You can write any comments you deem appropriate regarding the ordering and delivery. Click on Buy.

  02. Address


Log in as a registered user, enter your username and password.


 If not yet you are , you can register on our website as a user, and enjoy many advantages.


 It also has the ability to process the order without registering, filling out a form with personal data and contact information.


If desired, you can enter a delivery address different to that given in your personal data or yout register as a user. 

  03. Order


 In this last step to confirm your order. Review all data input and modify it if there is some error. If everything is correct, accept the  Terms and conditions and click Buy.





 Your order is processed. Receive an email with your confirmation and your order number.



 It may also verify your personal data and shipping,

 and purchased items and the shipping and payment.