RaidLight Bidon Softflask pipeta 350 ml (-50%)

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    We have combined the best of the semi drums 'Press to Drink' of Raidlight and his ability to drink without removing the canister from its housing, with the possibility of going soft drums occupy less volume when they are challenging. The so-called soft flask 2.0 and are only available in Raidlight.
Rugged and lightweight.
With pipette to avoid having to remove it from its location. Pipette with a small thermal insulation to minimize heat transfer to the liquid from the pipette, to be thinner than over-or cooling liquid is heated before.
Two possible sizes, 350 and 600 ml.
Wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling. Inner Diameter: 42 mm.
Anti-drip nozzle.
Nozzle rotated 45 degrees for easy drinking without looking and ducking under his head.

Use and performance

For those who like to use soft 'soft flask' drums for convenience, but can not get them seen to drink.
Minimum weight and adaptable volume.
It is not nailed in the chest.


Made of PEVA serving food regulations.
No Bisphenol A (BPA).


Completely drain the fluid after use.
If not water, rinse thoroughly. Some isotonic or energy liquid flavor can leave ad infinitum, we recommend using only water if you are not sure you can put flavor.
Recommended to use a brush to clean the bottom. Blow the tube so that it is as dry as possible.
Leave always open and airy to dry completely. Do not dry in the sun or on radiators or similar.
Do not save if not dry or will breed "life".
Periodically do a thorough cleaning with a few drops of bleach for food use and let stand twelve hours; also work well pads sanitize bottles. Clean thoroughly after this operation.
Another good way to conserve is to leave the empty bag in the freezer.




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