Simond Toucan 2

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  • Extremely lightweight and innovative belay device that can be used with all sizes of rope.
  • Belaying leader: unique design gives smooth handling even if ropes are wet.
  • Belaying second: can belay one or two seconder(s), easy to release ropes under tension and give slack.
  • Easy to use even when wearing gloves; bright colours make it easy to spot on your harness.
  • V-shaped grooves
  • Two V-shaped grooves ensure excellent braking and hold of ropes of all sizes.
  • Easy to release rope
  • Belayer can easily give slack to seconder(s) with the aid of a biner, even when rope is tight. Can be used for 'téléphériques' (seconder clips into one rope as hand rail whilst still belayed), sections with short descents, etc.


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