Mapa de Toubkal

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  • 3ª EDITIoN. Made on WATERPROOF paper
  • Toubkal zone map scale 1:40.000, GPS Compatible
  • The zone that the map covers is mostly inside of the limits of the National Park of Toubkal
  • The National Park of the Toubkal was created on 15 of January 1942.
  • Due to its location at only 70km from Marrakech's city, it's the most visited of the whole country, being one natural and landscape exceptional region, in a framework of high mountains where are the highest mountains of the north of Africa
  • Also notable it's the great biodiversity of botanics and fauna species, as the human settlement of the bereber villages in harmony with the environment.
  • It's recomend to take some mountain guide to get to the region, due to the high relieve valleys and montains of hard orientation, as well as the comunication with the locals.
  • Made of recicled polyethylene, non toxic, high density, made without clorine.

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