Climbing and alpinism harness

Climbing and alpinism harness
PIECES OF ADVICE Do the cleaning and examine your harness regularly. Look for signs of abrasion. Check the seam. Look for signs of discoloration and tears. If your harness demonstrates signs of aging, consider yourself to buy a new harness. Wash the harness only up; Do not use chemical products. Rinse the harness in depth to remove the tiny grains from sand and of the dust of enter fibers. Accent your harness drying without foundation. Store your harness in a place where you may be protected against sunlight, humidity, and in moderated temperatures. The life of the harness oscillates around the 5 years if your use has been on short supply or has had it in excess those years increase or diminish. It is preferable to try on the harness and to meet comfortable, the size will be appropriate if we checked than adjusting the adjustable tapes may arrive to pinch us well and releasing the same tapes may remove it to us amply when broadening it. Making sure about the freedom of motions in proof. Also it should be had in account that there are models for man and woman.

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Camp Alp 95

With this harness does not have an excuse not to carry in a pocket of your backpack. Weight and small size.

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